Get notified of new releases of your favorite tools

release-notifier! notifies you about new releases of your favorite tools. Know when you should upgrade and know what changes are made.

Besides GitHub repositories you're able to set up notifications for many popular tools, such as:

The perfect workflow to keep your tools and software up to date

Get notified

You receive a notification for every software, tool or GitHub repository you set up in release-notifier! which released a new version in the last hour

Check the changelog

In every notification from us, you get a direct link to the changelog and you are able to check what was changed very precisly what you could expect from the new release.

Update if you like

Now that you are informed about the new release, you are able to decide if you want to update or if ts necessary to upgrade your tools (fixed CVE).

Receive notifications by email

Simple to set up and simple to receive. Receive notifications by email for every new release of your used software. Every software will be checked hourly for new releases and if there is a new one, you’ll get notified.

Use your internal chat tools

You can send notifications to webhooks. Therefore you’re able to receive notifications in your favorite chat tools. Such as:


Microsoft Teams




WhatsApp (via Twilio)

SMS (via Twilio)

... and many more

Simple and transparent pricing



  • Max. one release check
  • Hourly check for new releases
  • Check for new releases in public GitHub repositories
  • Send notifications via HTTP request
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  • Unlimited release checks
  • Hourly check for new releases
  • Check for new releases an all release types
  • Send notification by email or HTTP request
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What exactly is "release-notifier!"?

With release-notifier! you can set up release checks which will send you notifications by email or to your favorite chat tool to inform you about new releases of your tools or used software / libraries.

When do I receive a notification for a new release?

Every full hour, we will check for new releases and send you a notification.

Why do I receive no emails from release-notifier?

We are using Amazon Simple Email Service, maybe your provider or email server is blocking emails from this service. Please consider using another email address or change your server settings.