Your personal notification service for every new release or CVE
of your used software.

It's difficult to stay up to date with your used software or keep track of new changes. With release-notifier! you're able to get notified about every new release of your used software. No more many different mailing lists with often unnecessary informations to get distracted from the actual release notes.

Support of many release types

We support a wide variety of different release types:

Checked hourly for updates

Every hour release-notifier! checks for new releases and sends a notification to you, if there was a new version of your software released. Exclude alpha or beta versions, so that you get not distracted from unstable releases.

Send notifications as email or HTTP request

You can receive new notifications as email or HTTP request. With an HTTP request you're able to send the notification to a webhook, this means you can create notifications in applications such as:



$0 / month

The free plan to receive from 5 different release checks notifications about new releases by email.

  • Max. 5 different release checks
  • Hourly check for new releases
  • Check for new releases in public GitHub repositories
  • Send notification via HTTP request


$4.99 / month

The PRO plan without limits. Cancelable every month. Free 30-day trial.

  • Unlimited release checks
  • Hourly check for new releases
  • Check for new releases in all available release types
  • Send notification by email or HTTP request

This is the perfect alternative to or gitpunch.

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